A variety of thought leaders and consultants come at infonomics from different angles. Many offer ideas and services representing one or more overall facets of infonomics.

  • Doug Laney, founder of the Center for Infonomics, is considered one of the pioneers and thought leaders in the fields of data warehousing and information asset management. He first developed methods for formal information audits in the early 90’s and later conceived and applied methods for quantifying information’s economic benefit for various clients. Including his tenure as a research director and industry analyst, Doug has authored over 200 articles on information management, data quality, data warehousing and business intelligence. He lectures at business schools on infonomics, and consults to major businesses and government organizations on the topic.
  • John Ladley has worked as a management consultant across the healthcare, retail, insurance, defense and consumer products industries.  He has served as a META Group Research Fellow, and was a board advisor to DAMA International.  He is widely published, co-authoring a well-known data warehouse methodology, and a trademarked process for data strategy planning.  John frequently writes and speaks on a variety of technology and information management topics.  He is editor of the Data Strategy Journal, and is the author of the recently published book Making EIM Work for Business. His information technology experience balances strategic technology planning, project management and practical application of technology to business problems.

We welcome the listings of other experts on infonomics-related topics.


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