The following are links to available session materials on or related to infonomics:

Infonomics guest lecture by Doug Laney delivered to various business schools including the MIT Sloan School of Management, Virginia’s McIntire School of Business, Indiana’s Kelley School of Business, Drexel’s iSchool, the University of Illinois, and The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

Tech Innovation Radio interview with Doug Laney discussing: How many organizations consider information as a strategic asset? What constitutes an asset? How can we best manage the value of assets over time?

The Economics of Information Assets presentation and Q&A discussion by Doug Laney at the IC (Intellectual Capital) Practitioners monthly meeting 2011-09-13

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) on a Shoe String presentation materials. Delivered by John Ladley.

Sustaining Data Governance presentation materials. Delivered by John Ladley.

Driving Your Organization’s Data Governance Program presentation materials. Delivered by John Ladley.

Value of Information: Embracing Information Governance presentation by Richard Braman,
Alexander Arato and Joshua Kubicki at The Sedona Conference 15-Sep-2011

Please send us a link to your materials. Note that we cannot host them due to copyright issues.


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